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Kebnekaise National Park is situated in the most northern part of Sweden, north of the Arctic Circle, 100 km northwest of Kiruna.


The name Kebnekaise comes from Sami Giebmegáisi or Giebnegáisi and is the highest mountain in Sweden and Sápmi (land of sami people).


The Kebnekaise has two peaks, of which the southern one is highest at 2,103 metres above sea level. The north top is 2,097 m.


Kebnekaise fjällstation (Kebnekaise mountain lodge) - is located at the foot of Kebnekaise. It is the starting point for an ascent to the top via the western route 13 km or the eastern route which is 10 km.


You can hike the valley of Tarfala up to the Tarfala lake. On the way up to the mountain hut you'll pass the reserach field stations (of Stockholm Univeristy) in Glaciology .

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